Private Fish House Storage & Service


House LengthUp to 8' WideOver 8' to 10' WideOver 10' Wide
Houses Under 13 feet Long$540$570$590
Houses 13 ft. to 16 ft. Long$550$580$600
Houses 17 ft. to 20 ft. Long$560$590$610
Houses 21 ft. to 24 ft. Long$570$600$620
Houses 25 ft. to 26 ft. Long$580$610$630
Houses 27 ft. to 28 ft. Long$590$62$640
Houses 29 ft. to 30 ft. Long$600$630$650

**Driveway plowing is included at no additional cost w/24 hours advance notice but may be subject to a charge (w/o notice) depending on gas prices and/or excessive snowfall.
**All houses must be jackable and pullable from both ends and MUST have your name on it.
**Houses must be de-banked and broke loose at end of season to avoid additional labor charges.
**Access Passes are assigned to owner/partners of a specific house. They may NOT be transfered to other individuals or houses and are not to be used as visitor passes. Visitors must purchase the daily access pass.

Additional Owner Seasonal Access Pass - house stored with us $60.00
Seasonal Access Pass (2 owners of House) - not stored with us
Each Additional Owner
Daily Driving Pass (per car, per calendar day)
Driving Pass (3 consecutive calendar days)
When caught without pass
$25.00 day
Moving Up to 8 ft. wide house (if ready to go)
Moving 8 ft. to 10 ft. wide house (if ready to go)
Moving Over 10 ft. wide house (if ready to go)
Moving a house past Sloppy Joes - charged each way
Up to 8 ft. wide house
Over 8 ft. to 10 ft. wide house
Over 10 ft. wide house
Plowing a spot to move your house to$25.00
Blocking House
Banking House
Banking House when Hauling Snow
DeBank House - us getting your house ready to move (1 hr minimum charge)
Drilling Holes
Lighting Stove
$5.00 each
After Dark Service $10.00 Addl.
100 lb. Gas cylinder delivered $90.00
Pre-Form Mantles
Quick Clip Mantles for Coleman Lantern
Quick Clip Mantles for Humphrey Lights
Tie on Mantles

Fish House Hauling Services:

This is for moving your house from one resort/location to another, NOT for pulling it out on the lake.  Call Jerry to have your house pulled out on the ice.

Dale Thiele:  (320) 676-3131 or (612) 390-1398 (C)
Al Nohner:  (320) 679-3177 or (612) 390-5930 (C)
Northland Hauling:  (320) 676-3718